Friday, February 19, 2010

First Hot Dog in 14 Years...

Literally, I haven't eaten a hot dog since 1996 when I was in 5th grade. My friend Darcey convinced me they were made of dogs, and although I had a hunch that was BS, the mystery meat still made me nervous. The just looked so far from the meat the package claimed that they contained, which turned me off the dogs for years and years. Friends and family have been accommodating, but still always thought I was a bit nuts for my aversion.
About a month ago after a long day in the emergency room (Kyler was dehydrated from food poisoning) I was starving and headed to Hyvee. I was ravenous, so went for every sample I could find. Including a hot dog from Missouri Legacy Beef . Meeting the farmer and knowing that the cows were raised within 25 miles of my home made me less weary (not eating for 7 hours, also helped). It was so, so delicious that I bought a package. I broiled my hot dog until it was slightly charred (I remember that being my preference when I was little), nestled it in a buttery bun, topped it with French's mustard and sauerkraut. At this point, I'm slightly obsessed.


  1. Seriously! I've known you for ~10 years and didn't know you had a hot dog aversion. Perhaps it was because I don't eat them either... ;)

  2. The next hot dog you eat may be in a different shape - So weird!!