Saturday, October 17, 2009

Amazing High Altitude Doughnuts and El Taco Rey

This weekend Kyler and I are in Colorado Springs visiting our friend Becky from college. I've never been to Colorado before and I'm loving it! I'm so incredibly jealous that Coloradoans get views like this on a daily basis.

Also great about my trip so far - the food.

Today we headed to the tippy top of Pikes Peak, which has an altitude of 14,110 feet. At the shop on the summit, the snack bar had some pretty amazing high altitude doughnuts (they need to use a special mix to get them to set up correctly at such a high height).
Kyler ravishing his doughnut:
Later that day, after many gorgeous sites and a tour of a Olympic training facility (Becky has a friend that fences for the USA team, so he showed us around....kind of awesome!), we made our way to Becky's favorite Mexican joint, El Taco Rey.
The place defines hole-in-the-wall (they don't have plates, everything is served in Styrofoam take out containers. Portions were huge and prices were low. I got a ridiculously filling taco combo for $7.30, which included 3 tacos (I did 2 shredded chicken and 1 beef), re-fried beans, rice and a fresh tortilla. I consider myself a sauce connoisseur, and the complimentary house red salsa had a perfect balance of spice and flavor (re: hot but had flavor). I also loved that the owner and her son were bickering at the counter after we ordered - added a certain je ne sais quoi.

Basically, today was delicious.

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