Monday, October 12, 2009

Lime Ginger Popsicle...FAIL!

I can admit defeat. Here goes: I made Popsicle and they sucked!

I was so incredibly excited for the newest addition to my kitchen, Progressive Popsicle molds that I could hardly wait to use them. I concocted a mixture of 3 cups of limeade, the juice of 3 limes and 1/5 cup of grated ginger.
The end result makes me pucker just thinking about them. They're WAY too tart! I'm going to try them as giant ice cubes for rum (sounds promising).

Better luck next time. I'm thinking either watermelon or strawberry and crossing my fingers, tightly.

Anyone have flavor combo suggestions?


  1. why didn't you taste the mixture as you were making it?

  2. I did taste and thought that maybe they would taste better frozen. I realize that my theory makes no sense whatsoever...